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Hold me down.



Face Swap Of The Week: Up.

Kim Jong Il and Bill Clinton going on an adventure.


My 1 Year Old Beatboxing Niece

Vine by iLLyNoiiZe



At least he still has Jackson.

it’s funny because that is a 30 year old man sitting on billy ray’s lap




Pluto Tumblr Posts photoset

(You’re welcome)





What you did to me hurt like hell. Twice. After the first time you left me, I didn’t know what to do about it. I was a wreck and even Jarod couldn’t help me. No matter how supportive he was or what he said, I couldn’t let you go. I have never in my life had a friend like you. You made more of an impact on my life in under three years than some people have done in ten. But then we decided to give it another shot. And I let myself trust you again because I thought you really wouldn’t destroy me a second time. Again, I was wrong. You broke my heart again. You abandoned me and took all my secrets and memories with you. And I hated you for it. But I also hated myself. Not because I felt like I was to blame, but because I should have never let you be so important to me for a second fucking time. I was mad at myself because you never deserved that second chance. Ever. I always forgive people when I shouldn’t. So thanks for teaching me that. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but I still don’t think I was to blame for all of this. All I did was not feel the same as you did. I wasn’t the one who let my feelings get in the way. And it pisses me off that you now admit that you “ruined a friendship like no other”. Like, you couldn’t have realized that when I was begging for you back? I mean, Jesus Christ, David, you suck. You put me through exactly what Jarod put me through. You made me feel like nothing I did or said was good enough. I wasn’t completely surprised he did that…but you? I never would have guessed it. And if you want to know what I feel towards you now, the answer is… nothing. I literally could not give less of a shit if you talked to me tomorrow or a week from now or a year from now or never. And I LOVE that I feel that way because I feel happy and free. When we first stopped talking, I was so conflicted. I thought: what if he comes back? I wanted so badly to be able to tell you off because I should never trust you like that again (and I won’t, trust me), but I also felt like I would take you back in a second. I felt that if I kept losing you it wouldn’t matter because I’d eventually get used to it and having you for a while would make up for it. But that isn’t something I want. But thank you for wishing me the best with Logan. He does make me happy. And I know it has to be good because he helps me forget you. Jarod never could, but he can. And I love that.
But I also have to say.. it will probably take a while for me to get over this. You affected me big time by leaving again. I have this huge fear of people leaving me now. Like, I know people have been leaving me my whole life, but like I said, none impacted me like you did. Until Logan. And now I’m terrified. Sometimes, I’m scared to give my whole self to him because what if he runs off with my heart? I wouldn’t know what to do. And he deserves someone better. Someone who doesn’t have all these fears. And I’m trying so damn hard to be that someone better for him.


When you wait for your parents to get in a good mood to ask them for somethin by RayRay Durant



My friend David had his ID stolen the other day
now we just call him Dav 

I’m so mad


do parents feel offended when their kids call themselves ugly like hey those are my genetics you’re talking about

Katie. 19. Music is Life.

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